Adams County Lind-Hatton \ Damon Road Overlay

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Difficult timeline and Federal Highways Funding; Varela made it happen

Adams County needed an engineering firm to design a project on a short timeline so that the County could get the project paved before asphalt plants shutdown in the Fall. The County also needed a firm that had experience performing projects utilizing Federal Highways funding. Varela had the engineering and funding skills to meet the tight schedule and all the requirements associated with the County's Federal Highways funding.

The project consisted of designing 4.9 miles of asphalt overlay and modification of guard rails to meet current standards. The project is located approximately 17 miles east of the City of Othello, WA in rural Adams County. Varela prepared plans, specifications, construction estimate, and contract documents for the project.

Varela's familiarity with Adams County Public Works Staff and Standards made the design process move quickly and smoothly. The project was completed on-time and within budget. Adams County met its schedule deadline and paved the project before the asphalt plants closed in the Fall.

Key Project Staff: Kurt Holland, Tran Pham

Funding Sources: Federal Highways

Implementation Timeline: Approximately 3 months

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