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In the dry Inland Northwest, rainfall and snow melt is vital for irrigation, energy generation, aquifer replenishment, and the health of the natural ecosystem. But when stormwater falls on our roadways, parking lots, rooftops, and watersheds, the accumulation must be properly routed and managed for the safety and health of our communities.

Varela’s stormwater expertise works with the natural hydrology, topography and geology of each community, resulting in the design and construction of stormwater facilities and drainage systems that effectively direct, store, process and manage this important resource.

Varela can assist with acquiring funding for stormwater projects, based on anticipated needs. Work done today can protect communities and the environment far into the future.

Varela stormwater expertise includes:

  • funding strategies, acquisition of grants/loans available to our clients
  • capacity evaluation of existing stormwater facilities and drainage systems
  • project planning, funding, design, and construction management/inspection for system improvements
  • hydrologic/hydraulic modeling
  • stormwater master plans 
  • flood zone and floodway analysis for community development ordinances and insurance coverage per FEMA
  • stream channel/bridge section flood routing analysis
  • stormwater system mapping
  • boundary delineations
  • public involvement facilitation
  • permit assistance
  • stormwater quality design (BMPs)
  • environmental and cultural resource processes

    Experienced stormwater management from Varela protects communities and the environment, keeping the Inland Northwest safe and healthy.


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