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Values & Culture

You’ll notice a recurring theme in the pages of our website. Varela is interested in more than just engineering. We want what we do to matter, not just provide us a paycheck.

Our engineering and management work affects our clients for decades. We embrace that responsibility and set very high standards for our team members.

We also believe that personal relationships matter more than just about anything else in life. Our team members are Varela’s most valuable asset. As a team (and with our clients), we function at our highest potential when we can trust and rely on each other.


· Personal and professional honesty and integrity
· Service/servant mentality toward clients and firm personnel
· Personal commitment to each other and to our clients
· High standards of business ethics
· Respect for others both within and outside the firm
· A spirit of gratitude
· Unity within the firm
· Professional excellence


· Make an honest living doing work we like.
· Develop lifelong relationships with coworkers, clients, and the engineering community.
· Grow as professionals.
· Communicate with clarity and skill.
· Teach and mentor—engineering, life, financial, and spiritual.
· Earn and maintain respect within the engineering community.
· Foster strong families.
· Encourage wellness and fitness.   

These values translate into a culture that invests in every team member because we believe that not only are we called to serve our clients, we are also called to serve each other. The result is a work environment that is collaborative — not cutthroat. We develop each team member’s personal skills while supporting and encouraging their personal, financial, and spiritual growth.

We have several events that team members look forward to each year including a summer picnic day and a winter Christmas party.

Most of our team members embrace physical fitness as a way of life whether at the gym, on a mountain bike, or on the ski slopes. Many of our team members routinely workout together.

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Because we appreciate our coworkers as more than just professional colleagues, we regularly meet down the street at David’s Pizza for drinks and a bite to eat after work. It’s a simple reflection of our care for each other and desire to see each other succeed in business and in life.

For more on day-to-day Varela culture, visit our Facebook page.