winthrop sunrise


The Town of Winthrop is one of Varela's most recent relationships. Winthrop became a client in 2022. The unique Western theme makes Winthrop a fun place to work. The Town was ready to get to work and quickly assembled a list of over two dozen priority projects. 



Varela worked with Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to design and construct the new Castle Avenue Sidewalk Project. Once Castle was completed, the Winthrop-Varela team successfully funded the Bridge Street Improvements Project



Varela assisted the Town in funding construction of the SR-20 Methow Bridge Water Main Replacement Project via a federal Community Projects Grant. Winthrop was one of the first jurisdictions in the nation to receive funding from this newly-created program. Varela worked closely with the Town and the EPA to navigate the complex application process. Structural approvals from WSDOT were necessary to ensure the bridge could handle the increased load of the upgraded pipe. When a cold snap in January 2024 caused a valve to break, Varela assembled a successful emergency funding application to Public Works Board. 



Project summaries and pictures are coming soon!