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Community wastewater systems are complex undertakings with many environmental, health, safety and financial concerns to address.

Varela’s expertise in wastewater projects enables us to work with the inherent aspects of a community — its population, topography, geology, existing infrastructure, and water availability — to most effectively and safely manage and process wastewater.

As with most community engineering projects, Varela can assist with acquiring funding, with the foresight to ensure that what is designed and built today will serve the needs of the community far into the future.

Varela wastewater expertise includes:

  • funding strategies, acquisition of grants/loans from numerous programs available to our clients
  • planning, design, and construction management of new treatment systems and system improvements
  • existing systems evaluation and optimization
  • collection system evaluations, replacement, and extensions
  • capacity evaluations, growth projections, and planning
  • comprehensive facility and general sewer planning
  • multi-phase project planning, funding, design, and construction management/inspection
  • river outfall design, receiving stream analysis, effluent mixing studies
  • troubleshooting and operational assistance
  • infiltration/inflow investigations
  • NPDES permit application and client representation
  • water quality analysis
  • custom system mapping
  • financial analysis, rate studies, and feasibility studies
  • sewer utility ordinances, policies, and development standards
  • environmental and cultural resource processes
  • public involvement assistance


The communities of the Inland Northwest are blessed with natural beauty, clean water, healthy rivers, and a vibrant population. The engineers at Varela ensure that new wastewater projects keep them that way.

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