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Varela’s expertise in community water projects goes beyond simply engineering wells, reservoirs, pumping stations and waterlines.

Water projects are not inexpensive and community financial resources are often limited. The inability to access enough water and deliver it efficiently can hinder the economic growth of a community and further limit the financial resources the community needs to thrive.

Varela provides funding strategies and assists in the acquisition of grants and loans from numerous programs and agencies to help communities bring their water needs to reality.

Once the funding is in place, Varela’s engineering team provides expert evaluation, planning, design, construction management, and inspection services, ensuring that the entire project meets the needs of the community and regulators.

Varela water expertise includes:

  • evaluations of existing wells, reservoirs, pump systems, and other system components
  • comprehensive water system planning
  • planning, funding, design, construction management, and inspection for improvements projects
    • groundwater investigations, well rehabilitation, and well construction
    • pumping stations
    • transmission and distribution mains
    • reservoirs – new rehabilitation coatings
    • water treatment and treatment system optimization
    • SCADA systems
  • water quality evaluations
  • financial analysis, rate studies, system development charges, feasibility studies
  • water rights assistance
  • custom system mapping
  • water utility ordinances, policies, and development standards
  • forensic investigations
  • public involvement assistance
  • environmental and cultural resource processes

    Put Varela’s expertise to work on your community’s water project. From evaluations and budgeting, to funding and implementation, Varela brings water to where it’s needed the most.


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