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Safe and efficient transportation, whether for vehicles or pedestrians, is a critical aspect of Inland Northwest communities. Smaller towns may not deal with the population of large urban centers, but their need for well-designed and lit roadways, intersections, parking lots, and sidewalks are of equal importance.

Varela can assist communities to acquire funding for street and sidewalk projects, bringing outside resources to pay for these costly improvements. Residents, visitors, and businesses alike benefit from efficient, safe public roadway access.

Varela’s street and sidewalk expertise ensures that communities are attractive, efficient, and most importantly, safe for years to come, while meeting all applicable codes and ADA compliance.

Varela’s street and sidewalk engineering expertise includes:

  • funding strategies, acquisition of grants/loans available to our clients
  • evaluation of existing transportation and pedestrian access systems
  • multi-phase project planning, funding, design, and construction facilitation/inspection for improvements
    • street reconstruction
    • sidewalks, pathways
    • ADA compliance safety enhancement features
    • street lighting, signage, traffic control fixtures
    • coordination of underground utility replacements/improvements
    • drainage improvements
    • intersection revisions
  • street system pavement surface condition rating
  • street system mapping
  • site and downtown parking evaluations and design
  • traffic analysis and design
  • workshops, planning commissions, and other committee workshops and review sessions
  • public participation and stakeholder involvement scoping and facilitation
  • downtown revitalization and beautification
  • environmental and cultural resource processes

Helping communities improve safety and bettering the lives of people in the Inland Northwest is part of Varela’s business mission. It’s literally where the rubber meets the road.


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