Perfect Passage

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What started as a stormwater project has become a comprehensive downtown infrastructure upgrade project, called the Perfect Passage.

As a testament to Varela's multi-disciplinary expertise, the Perfect Passage includes replacement and/or upgrades to the following infrastructure components:

  • stormwater
  • drinking water
  • sanitary sewer
  • roadway pavement
  • sidewalks and ADA ramps, crosswalks
  • street lights, planters, benches, etc. 

Funding the Perfect Passage

To better manage funding acquisition and traffic routing during construction, the project was broken down into three phases. 

The Tonasket-Varela team secured $1.35 million from the Washington Department of Ecology to address the flooding issues. Meanwhile, a $1.6 million state appropriation was awarded through the Department of Commerce. 

Funding for this $7M project has been secured from the Washington State Department of Ecology, Department of Commerce Community Block Development Grant (CDBG), Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and Transportation Improvement Board (TIB), Okanogan County Economic Alliance, and two State Capital Budget appropriations. 

From Concept to Construction

Tonasket leadership and Varela have worked closely through the concept and planning phases. Design of project was completed in 2023.  

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

Key Project Staff: Kurt Holland

Funding Sources: Department of Ecology, State Appropriations, CDBG, TIB, WSDOT, Okanogan County

Implementation Timeline: Funding 201-2024; Design 2023