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Jared Anderson, EIT Civil Engineer

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

-G.K. Nielson


Jared was born and raised in Chelan, Washington and grew up swimming in Lake Chelan every day. A dog lover, he and his younger brother and older sister grew up surrounded by Golden Retrievers.

He graduated from Chelan High School and then earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Washington State University (WSU) with an Environmental emphasis.

One of Jared’s first jobs was helping his cousins build houses around Lake Chelan.

After growing up on the lake, it was only natural that Jared decided that he’d like to save lives and became a lifeguard at his local water park.

Jared interned with Varela during four years at WSU and is now on staff as an Engineer. He’s spent several years as an inspector for utility and roadway construction. Jared’s knowledgeable in GIS, Excel, and AutoCad and is also nuke gauge certified. He also has extensive experience modeling utility systems in QGIS.

Jared can find humor in any situation — no mater how not funny it is. It’s a true gift. Jared has a reputation for his quirky sense of humor and is a joy to have in the office when he’s not in the field inspecting.

Jared is the self-proclaimed “resident Google guy” — if you need something Googled, he’s your guy. We told you he was funny.


Jared is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and just about any competitive sport. Jared plays the piano, and he likes to wakeboard and snowboard; however, playing the piano is cheaper, he says.

Jared loves spending time with his extended family, going beach camping at Lake Roosevelt with them every year. He comes from an outdoorsy family; in the summer they all enjoy hikes and long runs, and in the winter, they go on long hunting trips together.

While in high school, Jared traveled to Europe and spent two weeks exploring with friends. He’s also an adventurous eater and will try just about anything.