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Abby Gromlich Project Funding & Development

“You don't have to be interesting. You have to be interested.”
- Dr. John Gottman


Abby was born and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and lived in Miami during her teenage years. She moved to her family to Spokane in 2015. Abby attended Washington State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a certificate in Professional & Technical Writing.

Coming from a background in the healthcare and nonprofit sectors, Abby enjoys her role as Varela's funding specialist. Abby is also a meticulous editor and organizer. She views funding as pieces of a puzzle that fit together to show a clear picture of each project. 

Abby's motto is that strangers are just friends she hasn't made yet. Her diverse life experience and cheerful personality bring warmth to the office and to her relationships with clients. 


Abby enjoys spending time at home with her husband, four children, parents, and rescue dog, Greta. It's a full house! When she's not cleaning something or kissing a boo-boo, you can find Abby curled up with a good book and a great cup of coffee.

Abby has kept a journal since she was eight years old and usually has a couple writing projects going at once. She is currently developing a workbook for new NICU parents and a fictionalized novel about her own experience having a special needs baby.