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Since its 1985 launch, Varela Engineering has made a generational impact in the communities we serve.

We feel called to use our God-given talents to serve others in making the world a better place. This calling unites our team to provide outstanding engineering and management services to the cities, towns, counties, and special purpose districts of the Inland Northwest.

Our desire to provide enduring benefits to communities encourages us to build lasting relationships. These relationships are founded on integrity, trust, and a focus on the long-term interests of our clients.

A great example is our relationship with the City of Pateros, Washington. Beyond engineering a new system of wells and a reservoir to protect the City from wildfire and improve their drinking water delivery, we helped the City secure $7.5 million in funding, including state grants and appropriations.

Pateros relies on us to offer insight and assistance to many aspects of local government. Our strong relationships with local elected officials deepens the value we provide the City.