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Only the best and brightest people are offered a desk at Varela Engineering & Management.

Why? Because that’s what our clients expect. We build strong, long-term relationships with our clients — the kind of relationships that provide a steady workload of unique and challenging projects.

Plus, we’re a team. Some of the most talented, qualified, effective, and ridiculously detail-oriented engineering professionals call Varela home. To hire someone who doesn’t fit that mold would not only hurt our clients, it would hinder the way we want to work together.

But as focused as we are on our clients, we’re still a fun group to be around. Sort of a family, really. And because our senior engineers are some of the best around, we’ve created an environment where they gladly mentor our younger staff.

So if you possess personal and professional integrity, a commitment to exceptional service, and a strong sense of accountability and follow-through, we encourage you to send us your resume.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team.